Suicide Awareness Week

Suicide Awareness Week – 10th to 17th September 2012

Monday, 10th September is observed as World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide Awareness Week seeks to raise the profile of the issue of suicide nationwide.

In Ireland, more people die from suicide each year than in road deaths. “Central Statistics Office provisional data for 2010, by year of registration, shows a total of 486 deaths by suicide of which 386 were male and 100 female. This is a decrease of 41 (8%) on the record high in 2009 of 527 suicides.” (Source: CSO 2010).

The issue of suicide in Ireland is of great importance, most of us will know of someone who has lost their life due to suicide. Suicide Awareness Week aims to promote positive mental health and to offer information to people on where to seek assitance.

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