Sometimes life feels like a jig-saw puzzle

Sometimes life seems fractured. Sometimes it life seems like a jigsaw so big we can never put all the pieces in the right places and we become fearful and anxious.

Fear will stop us moving forward and will hold us back from exploration, curiosity and contentment. The fact is that we are all a lit bit fractured, with cracks and fissures. We don’t need to create a pristine version of ourselves. If we can accept ourselves as we are, that acceptance presents us with a starting point to step off from, there will be new directions and choices, there will be happiness and sorrow, but most important there will be direction. Mind your mental and emotional health and well-being.

Pieces of my life lay scattered on the floor

Bright ones, dull ones, some happy some dour

Putting them together is a Herculean task

Is it worth the effort, I myself ask


No pictures to refer, instructions lost

Should I undertake to do it, at what cost?

I kneel down and move them around

Some move easy, others stick to the ground


I try to form an image, a recognisable one

I realise after all, that I am having fun

No pattern emerges, no picture forms

But as time passes, my mind calms


I look at what I made, it does impress

You may call it another fine mess

But look closely and you will realise

That it’s all in the beholder’s eyes.

Copyright   © Mohan Kumar 2010 http://docmo.hubpages.com/hub/The-Jigsaw