Reduced Cost Therapy

Reduced Cost Therapy

Psychotherapy and Counselling is effective for anyone seeking assistance or help. Whether you are experiencing a crisis or wish to explore the facets of self that may be holding you back from fully engaging with life.

Psychotherapy and counselling are valuable aids to growth and can help build confidence, address old issues or improve your sense of well-being. Saor Psychotherapy offers a low cost counselling service to those that may not be in a position to afford the normal cost of therapy. Appointments for these low cost sessions are limited.

How much does it cost?

The average fee for reduced cost therapy service is €35. This fee is negotiable depending on circumstances and available places.

Am I eligible

Reduced Cost Therapy is available to anyone who is unable to meet the usual cost of therapy. A discussion will take place between you and your therapist to ascertain what is within your budget and an agreement is made from there. Places for Reduced Cost Therapy are limited.

To make an appointment call 086 8345 876 or use the contact form.

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