Fertility and Implication counselling

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More and more people are finding it difficult to have a child naturally. The advancement of fertility treatments have given many people that which they so desperately desired. Adoption is also still a popular option, but this also brings it own challenges and trials. The whole process raises many questions, fears and anxieties for both men and women.

The process can be a strain on relationships and many couples can find it difficult to communicate to each other their experience, leading to further relationship problems. Often individuals or couples are unprepared for the journey, the intensity and myriad feelings that they will encounter.

Before embarking on fertility treatments or the adoptive process, you should be content you have looked at all the angles and prepared yourself for the journey. Sometimes thoughts for the unborn child are pushed aside during the process, but if you are considering embarking on this road, have you thought about what you tell your child. How much of his or background will you offer.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can assist you in exploring these issues in a safe and non judgemental environment, allowing you the opportunity explore your own thoughts.

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