The psyche is a natural phenomenon. All aspects of the psyche, even those which seem pathological or destructive, actually serve the function of furthering our psychological development.

Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

At various times in our life, issues can surface that make our journeys more difficult. These can be echoes from past experience that find voice or immediate challenges that disturb and distort our view of the world. Psychotherapy and Counselling services assist in making sense of unconscious communications. It test our coping mechanisms and allowing us space to chose who we wish to engage with both our internal and external worlds.

My experience and training includes working with a wide range of approaches and strategies. Yet it is always in the relationship that the work is grounded. The approaches used are always informed by the relationship.

I value the individuality of each client. I believe that relationship is the fundamental purpose of being. In therapy, the relationship is the catalyst that facilitates change, understanding and growth.

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Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy

In psychotherapy and counselling services, we work together to explore thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that may be negatively affecting your life and relationships in a safe and strictly confidential environment.

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Counselling for adolescents

I provide confidential one to one counselling and psychotherapy. I offer teenagers a safe, non-judgmental space in which to explore the issues and challenges that they are meeting in their daily lives.

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Couples & Relationship Counselling

Relationships are not always easy. We have a view of how they should be, we see how a relationship should be in the movies. But the reality of any relationship is that they take work, patience, understanding and attentiveness.

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Trauma can be a very subject experience. But, the impact of trauma on the individual can be devastating, debilitating and painful. Psychotherapy and Counselling services can help you process and manage the deep emotional wounding of trauma.

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Sexuality Counselling

Psychotherapy and Counselling services can assist you in exploring these issues in a safe and non judgmental environment. It allows you the opportunity to explore your own thoughts, feeling with a view to move forward towards a more fulfilling and honest life.

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Fertility Counselling

Pregnancy does not always happen as we would wish it. There is a growing proportion of people seeking fertility treatments to aid conception.

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Suicide/Self Harm

Sadly, suicide and self harm is still on the rise in Ireland. The two are not necessarily mutually linked. I have worked with many clients experiencing suicidal ideation or engaging in self harming behaviours.

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