Mind Our Men Campaign Launched

Mind Our Men is a nationwide campaign from Pieta House to reduce male suicide in Ireland.

Even though awareness of suicide has increased, the number of people who take their own lives in Ireland continues to grow. Most of them are men. Despite this, our figures show that 53% of people who use our services are women and 47% are men. Deeper analysis shows that it is mainly women who make the appointments for men.

Men’s typical characteristics are of strength, logical thinking and protectiveness. They don’t usually seek help for themselves and if they do it’s at the point of crisis. The reasons for their reluctance are because they believe that they can fix the situation or that it will pass.

Mind Our Men is a nationwide campaign that is calling on the women and men of Ireland to look out for signs of distress in the men closest to them. This could be your father, your brother, your son, your friend or partner.

Mind Our Men will equip you with the skills needed to reach out to the men in your life during times of crisis. We aim to encourage dialogue around suicide by inviting you to take action and call, talk to, listen to and visit the men who are closest to you.

Pledge Your Support

All you need to do is to pledge your support by following this link and sign up. You will receive an information pack