Relationship and Couples Counselling

Relationship and Couples Counselling


Every heart is a package, tangled up in knots someone else tied.

Couples Counselling is also known as marriage guidance. It addresses the problems arising from adult sexual or intimate relationships. The relationship, rather than the two individuals, is the ‘client’.

Relationships are not always easy. We have a view of how they should be. We see how a relationship should be in the movies. But the reality of any relationship is that they take work, patience, understanding and attentiveness.

I work with couples experiencing difficulties in their relationships in a private, non judgmental setting. The aim of counselling for couples is to help you find a way to resolve any issues which may be preventing you from engaging in a comfortable, intimate and fulfilling relationship.

Usually I will meet both parties. Then we will have some separate one to one sessions to allow each of you to share your experiences and emotions before we join and begin the work together.

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