Counselling and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and Counselling Services in Dublin

Therapy is not just a space to attend to problems, but it is a space that facilitates personal growth and awareness.

As a Humanistic and Integrative therapist, I believe the mind, body and emotions are linked. In the course of therapy we will explore the quality of the connection of these facets, and by so doing, will help you attain a sense wholeness.

In counselling and psychotherapy we work together to explore thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that may be negatively affecting your life and relationships in a safe and strictly confidential environment.


Psychotherapy allows individuals to deeply explore their past experiences and childhood relationships.

The psycho-therapeutic relationship enables the client to gain deep insights into unproductive behavioral and relational patterns that might be preventing them from enjoying fulfilling relationships and satisfying lives.

It can be difficult to truly begin to know oneself, a key tenant of therapy is that the client must begin to accept responsibility for their lives and choices. Psychotherapy will assist in this process and support the individual.


In counselling clients are helped to overcome current issues which may be preventing them enjoying or engaging with life.

The counselling process is at times more specifically goal focused than psychotherapy. It can help find better ways of self expression and coping strategies. The counselling relationship is a safe place for support to navigate times of turbulence and change.