peter levine

Peter Levine on Somatic Experiencing

Master somatic therapist Peter Levine discusses the physiological origins of trauma, and how his Somatic Experiencing approach provides effective treatment. You can read the full interview here Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved. Published April 2010.

The myth of “normal”

In this short video, Dr. Gabor Maté comments on the Myth of “Normal” in Psychological Disorders. He explains how mental distress and pathology exists in a continuum and are largely a result of a materialist culture that rigidly “idealize individuality…

The effects on Cortisol on Emotional Well Being

Long before you realize the problem, your brain may be wired to fail.  Simple choices you make about moods today  might surprise you with tomorrow’s mood. How so? Yield to worry – and you could be opening windows to stress hormones that act as saviour…

Two sides

Sadness is a natural and necessary aspect to life. We need not try to run away from it, but we can learn to accept it. And by accepting it, we need not be controlled by it. There are as many…

Sometimes life feels like a jig-saw puzzle

Sometimes life seems fractured. Sometimes it life seems like a jigsaw so big we can never put all the pieces in the right places and we become fearful and anxious. Fear will stop us moving forward and will hold us…

Tai Chi Classes – A Change of Course

  Neal Traynor, one of the first two people to have qualified as an instructor in the Jade Sun School of Tai Chi & Qi Gong and with a background in psychotherapy is offering Tai Chi classes at two locations, see…

11 Tips for Positive Emotional Well-being

We often forget how important it is to look after our emotional well-being… We all know how important it is to look after our bodies but we often overlook our mental health. Below is a list of eleven easy tips…

Mind Our Men Campaign Launched

Mind Our Men is a nationwide campaign from Pieta House to reduce male suicide in Ireland. Even though awareness of suicide has increased, the number of people who take their own lives in Ireland continues to grow. Most of them…

Volunteers wanted

Pieta House are doing a fund raising event on Feb 15th and 16th. It’s a Tesco’s bag pack and all proceeds go to Pieta House ( and urgently need volunteers to help. If you can spare even 2 hours please…

Suicide Awareness Week

Suicide Awareness Week – 10th to 17th September 2012 Monday, 10th September is observed as World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide Awareness Week seeks to raise the profile of the issue of suicide nationwide. In Ireland, more people die from suicide…

Difference Between Psychotherapist and Psychologist

Many people around the world confuse the roles of a psychotherapist and a psychologist. They don’t really understand whom to consult for their problem. So, here you can differentiate between psychotherapist and psychologist. Psychotherapist A psychotherapist is one who engages…

World Suicide Prevention Day 2012

Monday the 10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day, this is the tenth anniversary of this important day. Each year, over 10 million people die by suicide globally. In Ireland, over 600 people die each year by suicide. Suicide…

Crisis Counselling

We all encounter times in our lives when we feel we are losing control, whether it be the loss of a loved one, suicidal ideation or a relationship breakup Crisis counselling can help support you through short, difficult periods of…
Adolescent Counselling

Support for Adolescents

I offer professional counselling and psychotherapy services to adolescents between the ages of 14 – 18. I have a keen interest in working with this age group as I believe that many of the problems faced by adults, later in…
Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

Reduced Cost Therapy

I strongly believe that therapeutic services should be available to all that need them. I offer a limited amount of places for reduced cost clients. Please see here for more details.