Psychotherapy, Counselling

and Supervision services in Dublin.

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John Searson HDip. Psych., HDip. Supervision, M.I.A.C.P. 

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Counselling and Psychotherapy services in Dublin. Learn More

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Depression need not be a life long companion. Learn More

Psychotherapy and Counselling services in Dublin.

At various times in our life, issues can surface that make our journeys more difficult. These can be echoes from past experience that find voice or immediate challenges that disturb and distort our view of the world. Psychotherapy and Counselling assist in making sense of unconscious communications. It helps in testing our coping mechanisms. It allows us space to chose who we wish to engage with both our internal and external worlds. Saor Psychotherapy, owned and operated by John Searson HDip. Psych., HDip. Supervision, M.I.A.C.P., a psychotherapist in Dublin is based in Dundrum, County Dublin. Saor Psychotherapy offers psychotherapy and counselling services to adults, adolescents and couples as well as supervision to psychotherapists and counsellors.


Psychotherapy allows individuals to deeply explore their past experiences and childhood relationships. The psycho-therapeutic relationship enables the client to gain deep insights into unproductive behavioural and relational patterns that might be preventing them from enjoying fulfilling relationships and satisfying lives. It can be difficult to truly begin to know oneself. A key tenant of therapy is that the client must begin to accept responsibility for their lives and choices. Psychotherapy will assist in this process and support the individual.


In counselling, clients are helped to overcome current issues which may be preventing them enjoying or engaging with life. The counselling process is at times more specifically goal focused than psychotherapy. It can help find better ways of self expression and coping strategies. The counselling relationship is a safe place for support to navigate times of turbulence and change.

Supervision services in Dublin.

John Searson is an accredited supervisor with the IACP and provides one-to-one supervision to qualified pre-accredited and accredited psychotherapists and counsellors in line with the guidelines and requirements for members of professional counselling and psychotherapy associations. In Supervision, we endeavour to provide a ‘basic affective relationship’ based on safety, equality and challenge with the supervisee. John works with a ‘cyclical model’ of supervision (Page and Wosket)
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